Secure Online Claims Reporting and Tracking E-filing System (SOCRATES)


Confidential Advisor Services

Before you proceed, please consider the following:
  1. Your claim must be filed no later than 180 days after the alleged violation(s).
  2. Are you now, or have you been, a Legislative Branch employee at the time of the violation(s)?
  3. After you submit your claim, the OCWR will provide a copy of the claim to your employing office.
  4. You may file a claim electronically by clicking the Create an Electronic Claim button, or
  5. Click the Download Claim Form button to print a copy of the claim and submit it by mail, fax, or hand delivery to the OCWR.
  6. A copy of your claim form also will be available to you in your secure claim folder. OCWR will provide you with a link to your secure claim folder.
  7. Please contact the OCWR (see contact information below) if you have questions or if we can help with this process.
  8. Your data will not be stored on this site for security reasons. When you submit your claim, all data is removed and transferred to your claim folder, which is maintained in a secure environment.
  9. Once you have filed a claim, you should regularly check your email for notifications from Notifications from this office may require you take certain actions within a prescribed period of time and it is your responsibility to meet any deadlines.

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